Saturday, December 17, 2011

my favorite style icons of all time

my style inspirations.

I think this guy is Bob Dylan, but I don't really know, I just like his hair.

Debbie Thornberry is a HUGE style icon of mine, because she rocks everything she wears because she just DOES. she just DOES!!!!
 This random scene kid, just because its so ridiculously PERFECT. in every WAYYYYYY....

Louis Griffin because she's defines hawtness! 

Steve Tyler constantly looks like a hot mess. And that's what I like best about him, because it's almost as if he woke up in the morning and purposely made himself look ridiculous, and that's what I try and do daily. 

two words DER-EK ZOO-LAND-ER

Loopy from My Life with Loopy, cause bitch has BLUE HAIR. can you say REBEL????

Oliver Oaken because his name is SMOKEN OAKEN 

Nyan Cat, because he flies with rainbows, Sunshine and Poptarts. Three of my favorite things.

Dumbledore because he is gay! Everything he does is awesome BECAUSE he is gay. And please, If i could grow facial hair like that, believe me I WOULD. 

CAT DOG. Because what's more avant garde than having a head as your ass??

How to apply your SMOKEY EYE! Video Tutorial!

this look makes people say "BITCH GOT STYYYLEEE" 

follow my instructions EXACTLY (or else I will find out)