Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The emphasis of the 'tude.

Hello everyone, 
My name is The Fascinator. I am just your above average hipster fashionista bloggeher. My fashion inspirations are Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, Steve Tyler, Myself, Derek Zoolander and Lois Griffin. Here's why.

Lady Gaga: Lady gaga's essence of beauty is so intriguing because her uniqueness and over all "i dont give a rat's ass" attitude is so up to date with her modern-ness and her avant garde-ness!

Nikki Minaj: I don't know much about her, but the fact that she's out there producing her music and looking ever so ridiculous on a day to day basis makes me appreciate her.

Steve Tyler: Since American Idol just happens to be my favourite show of all time, i think you can understand why he is on the list.

Myself: Since I am just one of the greatest fashionista's since Tyra Banks herself, i would like to proclaim my importance in the world today. Also, I am rather unique in my style, as is Lady Gaga. I believe in my purpose in the blogging, youtube, and internet world. I  was sent here by Coco Chanel, or God, or Jesus or whatever.
Derek Zoolander: Because he is REALLY REALLY ridiculously goodlooking. and he knows it and OWNS it.

Louis Griffin: I like the way she owns her plain jane wardrobe. she has nothing bad to say about it, and every so often she's in a gown, or some weird S&M get up. but she's cool. she knows it OWNS it!